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99 Most Viewed Prayers

Command The Morning Prayer [114640]
Psalm 4For Luck [59881]
Prayer To Mend What Is Broken [36161]
Psalm 5 For COURT CASES [30390]
Prayer For Blessingof an Object [26563]
Blood of Jesus Prayer [14989]
Prayer To Renew Mind, Body And Soul [14055]
Prayer to the Divine Physician [13713]
Bind Prayer [13296]
Very Powerful Spiritual Warfare Prayer [13148]
Psalm 8To Be Successful In Business [12350]
Prayer To Binding Evil Spirits [12305]
Daily Prayer For Binding and Loosing [11916]
Psalm 3For Severe Headache Or Backache [11841]
Psalm 23To receive Instruction Or Information Through A Dream Or Vision [11730]
Break Curses Prayer [10830]
Prayer for a Spiritual Canopy [10813]
Prayer For Blessingof Water [10799]
Self Deliverance Prayer [10778]
Prayer to implore the Holy Spirit [10649]
Prayer Against Trafficking Witches [10634]
Defensive Shorthand Prayers [10140]
Offensive Shorthand Prayers (Shorthand - Prayer) [9825]
Warfare Prayer For Eating Disorders [9291]
Daily Prayer To Pray Down Spiritual Attack [8960]
Prayer for a Creative Miracle [8882]
Psalm 17To Keep Secure From All Evil [8832]
Prayer To Pleading The Blood Of Christ Jesus [8428]
Prayer for Protection Against visible and invisible enemies [8282]
Rules Of Engagement Prayer [8200]
30 Day Soulmate Prayer [8045]
Prayer for weight loss [7973]
Prayer to cut soul ties, extremely thorough and effective [7854]
Prayer for any distress [7680]
Restore Soul Prayer [7582]
Holy Trinity Invocation [7504]
Prayer For Blessingof Land or House [7408]
The 7 basic protection and self-defense prayers [7361]
Comprehensive Spiritual Warfare Prayer [7164]
Prayer For BlessingA Camp Or A Campground [6974]
Prayer For Favor [6824]
PSALM 13To Protect From Bodily Suffering And Unatural Death [6809]
PSALM 14To Become Free From Slander And Mistrust [6447]
Letter of Protection, to be carried in a pocket- Powerful and Effective [6271]
Break Soul Ties Prayer [6239]
A detailed prayer to cut soul ties, extremely thorough and effective [6187]
Prayer To Jesus Christ For Protection [6066]
Psalm 22To Keep All Misfortune Away [6028]
Prayer to Breaking Curses [5958]
Psalm 16:To Find Out Name Of Robber, To Turn Sorrow Into Joy [5930]
Veni Sancte Spiritus: Golden Sequence unbearable to the demons [5928]
PROLOGUE OF SAINT JOHN:Powerful word, protection from accidents and from sudden death [5861]
Psalm 18if You Are About To Be Attacked [5839]
Submission To God Prayer [5765]
Daily Prayer for Protection [5760]
Prayer To Protect Himself against Bullet and Sword (Spell) [5722]
Prayer To Removing Demonic Influence [5722]
Healing Prayer of Command [5688]
Mental Prosperity Prayer [5584]
Psalm 15 :Against Insanity Or Melancholy Moods [5432]
Prayer For Blessingof Wine [5242]
Psalm 11To Overcome Fear and Stop Persecution [5188]
Chaplet For The Dead [5141]
Psalm 12To Overcome Persecuting Influences [5131]
Prayer To Putting On The Full Armor Of Father God [5114]
Prayer of Protection against Enemies at Work [4991]
Prayer over food, drink, medication, vitamins, or anything consumed [4823]
Psalm 10To Overcome An Evil Spirit [4743]
Prayer For Blessingof Bread and Cake [4698]
Property House Cleaning Prayer [4652]
Prayer For Blessingof Candles [4609]
Model Warfare Prayer You Can Pray With Results Against Chemtrails [4540]
Prayer for personal protection [4526]
VENI CREATOR SPIRITUS (Raban Maur)before a deliverance prayer [4372]
Prayer to break Curse [4272]
Prayer against Evil [4215]
Prayer After Exam [4194]
Psalm 30To Be Safe From All Evil Occurrences [3930]
Prayer To Denouncing the Occult [3920]
Powerful Exorcism Prayer [3762]
Psalm 29To Cast Out An Evil Spirit [3728]
Prayer Against Disease [3707]
Act of faith in Jesus Christ (Jean Pliya) [3700]
Prayer to Jesus for Healing [3652]
Psalm 20To Become Free From Danger And Suffering [3650]
Prayer Against Every Evil [3609]
Prayer for the world [3508]
Prayer for Peaceful Rest [3486]
Prayer for Success [3475]
Prayer against Malefice [3421]
Prayer To Release An Abundant Life [3369]
Prayer for Protection from Thieves- Powerful and Effective [3368]
Prayer For Blessingof Machines [3358]
Prayer For Priests # 24 [3356]
Veni Sancte Spiritus(Golden Sequence : unbearable to the demons that cause headaches, fatigue (without reason) and make dozing during prayer) [3300]
Prayer for healing and comfort [3284]
Prayer For Blessingof Books [3246]
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