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Bind Prayer

I now bind every demon operating inside and outside of me, body, soul and spirit, with the threefold cord of Ecclesiastes, covered in the blood of Jesus.
Specifically, I bind: Doubt, unbelief, blasphemy, rebellion, sin, witchcraft, antichrist, blind, deaf, and dumb spirits.
I bind fear, anger, hatred, rage, frustration, and irritation.
I bind depression, hopelessness, sadness, unhappiness, and loneliness.
I bind hunger, sugar addiction, coffee addiction, food addiction (add any addictions specific to you here).
I bind sleep, slumber, energy drain, wasting, vampire spirits, lethargy and apathy.



I bind mind control, thought control, Jezebel, Ahab, witchcraft, witchcraft control, octagon, and squid.
I bind lust, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, perversion, adultery, fornication, masturbation, masturbation thoughts, pornography, homosexuality, transgender, incubus, succubus, spirit wife, spirit husband, sodomy, rape, unclean eyes, and all sex spirits.
I bind pride, big pride, little pride, and leviathan.
I loose spirits of judgment, burning, and destruction on every demon named and unnamed inside and outside of my body, soul and spirit. I loose angels to bind every demon named and unnamed tighter and tighter and tighter and tighter in Jesus name.
I loose sufficient angels with flaming swords and hooks covered in the blood of Jesus to cut and pull you out continuously until every part of you and your kingdom is completely removed from my body, soul, and spirit in Jesus' mighty name.
Father, please fill up every available area as evil entities leave with your Holy Spirit, the fruits of the spirit, and seal off all doors of entry and exit with the Blood of Jesus. Holy Spirit, please expand, expand, expand and fill up every available area in me. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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