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Model Warfare Prayer You Can Pray With Results Against Chemtrails

Father God, your word says that whosoevers sins we remit will be remitted. Please forgive my sins, the sins of the people in this community, world, and our ancestors, back to Adam and Eve, in Jesus' name, we are very sorry for them. Please remit the sin of every evil sacrifice and ritual done to gain power from Satan and the spirit world. (Shorthand - Remit)
I loose angels to clean every satanic, witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in and around my environment and the (location and people you are praying about) covering them in the blood of Jesus, in Jesus' name. (Shorthand - Clean)



I loose angels to cut every line of communication in the evil spirit realm, to block all lines of reinforcement and the traveling routes of every enemy here, covering them with a strong hedge, a wall of fire, and the blood of Jesus. (Shorthand - Cut)
I pray that everyone here will be filled with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the spirit and that every creature and entity will be sealed from being used as an access point for the enemy. Please put the whole armor of God on them and cover them in the blood of Jesus. (Shorthand - Seal)
I loose angels to cut every ungodly silver cord of all astral projecting spirits at work here. I loose angels to block them from ever returning to their hosts. (Shorthand - Silver Cord)
Thank you for giving us the keys of the kingdom. Your word says that what we bind on earth is bound in heaven and what we loose on earth is loosed in heaven. In Jesus' name, I loose sufficient angels to rapidly and continuously blow up all walls of protection around every evil entity, witch, warlock, satanist,
occultist, human and spirit responsible for sending and shielding the "planes" and "spray", including the strong man, and bind them. (Shorthand - Bind)
I break the power of every ritual, spell, hex, vex, curse, hoodoo, voodoo, incantation, chant, psychic prayer, witchcraft and demonic attack being sent to me and anyone in this community and the world by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and return them to the senders, seven times seventy fold and bind it to them with the blood of Jesus. I loose your angels to attack and destroy every evil altar, pot, and cauldron and wipe out anything programmed into the sun, moon, stars, earth, under the earth, and in the sea. May every evil thing done by the enemy using air, water, fire, and earth be nullified now. (Shorthand
- Curse Break)
Father, your word says that you restore our souls. I loose angels to go out and cut every ungodly soul tie that has been formed openly and in secret to control and manipulate the people of this world, especially the leaders. I loose your angels to go out and restore the mind, will, and emotions of everyone in this community that has been fragmented by sin and witchcraft and return the fragments that they should not have. I loose angels to fragment every demonic spirit at work so they cannot continue their attack. (Shorthand - Soul Tie, Restore)
I loose sufficient amounts of angels to attack every evil entity and spirit at work here, in the sky, in and around the sun, and in my environment. I loose spirits of judgment, burning, destruction, blindness, deafness, dumbness, confusion and civil war on them. I loose your sperm whales to attack all spirits of witchcraft, witchcraft control, and mind control. Lord, in faith I loose the appropriate heavenly creatures that are suited to route and destroy the enemy here. The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you. (Shorthand - Whales, Attack, Appropriate)
In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

The shorthand components for this prayer are: Remit, Clean, Cut, Seal, Silver Cord, Bind, Curse Break, Soul Tie, Restore, Whales, Attack, Appropriate.


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