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Submission To God Prayer

Lord, I commit myself to You and the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. I submit to You all that I am, all my gifts and talents, and even the calling that You have on my life. I give it to You; I die to it all so that You might resurrect it again in me.



I commit to You the ministry that You have given me to do. I desire always that it be Your ministry, not mine. Lord, I want to see only what You would have me see. I desire to hear only what You would have me hear and to sense only what You know it is time to reveal. I want to speak what You would have me speak under Your direction and guidance. Give me ears to hear and fully discern Your voice.
Make me worthy of Your people‟s trust. May my words and attitudes be as gentle or as firm as Yours. Teach me about Yourself so that I might correctly represent You to Your people. Keep me in Your love, and don't let me wander from You. Love Your people through me, O Lord and work Your freedom into their lives through me for Your glory.


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