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Break Soul Ties Prayer

Lord Jesus, may every ungodly, evil, soul tie, soul fragment, soul invader, and associated demons from family, friends, and anyone known, used to know, and unknown (list specific persons, especially past relationships, ex-spouses), be cut now by the sword of the spirit and permanently destroyed and sealed by the blood of Jesus.
Lord, may every evil soul tie formed between me and any photos, images, effigies, representations and likenesses of me be permanently broken and cut now with the sword of the spirit, in Jesus' name.



Lord, may every evil soul tie formed between me and any personal item and part of me, nails, hair, clothing, and all other items be cut now in Jesus' name.
Lord, may every soul tie known and unknown, you know, that is being used for evil be cut and permanently destroyed now in Jesus'name.
Lord, may every soul tie that I have formed with ungodly movies, television, music, games, entertainment, items, events, places and activities be cut and permanently destroyed, in Jesus' name.
I command every evil soul invader, soul fragment, and soul tie to leave me now and be destroyed by the blood of Jesus. Lord, I pray that you will heal all spiritual damage from associations with these ungodly things.
Lord, I pray that anything in me from these people, places, and things will now be removed and returned to the source, and if they have things of mine, I ask that they now be restored to me now. I loose your angels to do so in Jesus'name.
I now bind my mind to the mind of Christ, my will to the will of God, and my feet to the narrow path.
Father, please fill up every available area as evil entities leave with your Holy Spirit, and the fruits of the spirit, and seal off all doors of entry and exit with the Blood of Jesus. Holy Spirit, expand, expand, expand and fill up every available area in me. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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