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Offensive Shorthand Prayers (Shorthand - Prayer)

These are shorthand prayers you can pray rapidly in any situation and God will honor them in Jesus name according to his will. The long form is on the right. Pray the short word on the left without ceasing, or combinations, to attack and defend from the enemy and to minister.



Attack - Loose angels to attack the enemy and spoil their house.
Bind - Loose angels to bind the strong man, his demonic shields, and all demonic spirits at work.
Flamethrower - Loose angels to focus on and attack all shield spirits and blow up all walls of protection around every satanist and demonic spirit so that the angels can break through and attack the main demon(s) at work. (Win Worley's terminology).
Strip, Hooks, Pull - Loose angels to strip the demons of all their armor, weapons, rings, regalia, and everything that gives them power, Loose angels to put hooks in the demons and pull them out, Loose angels to pull the demons out.
Fragment - Loose angels to fragment the mind, will, and emotions of the enemy and hide the fragments so they will never be found (the enemy fragments us, and the same can be done in return).
Judgment, burning, destruction - Loose spirits of judgment, burning and destruction on the demonic spirits.
Whirlwind - Loose the whirlwind of the Lord to attack the demonic spirits, and especially if any plane or helicopter is following you.
Civil War - Loose the spirits that caused the defeat of the Midianites, making them attack each other
Hornets - Loose the hornets of the Lord to attack the demonic spirits.
Cockatrices - Loose the cockatrices (fiery flying serpents) of the Lord to attack the demonic spirits.
Fowls - Loose the fowls of the Lord to attack the demonic spirits.
Jez - Loose the hounds of the Lord to rip Jezebel to shreds, loose the chariot of Jehu to run her over, and loose eunuchs to throw her out the window.
Nerve - Loose angels to cut all communication lines and the nerve center of the enemy.
Whales - Loose the giant sperm whales of the Lord to attack every spirit of witchcraft, witchcraft control, mind control, thought control, mind occult, octagon and squid. (Win Worley booklet on Mind Control).


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