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Healing can often be a hard thing to pray for. It is easy to accept that God can heal in an emotional or spiritual sense, but it is hard to believe that he can change the physical world. Praying for healing requires that we engage with the creator, who is always renewing and transforming the natural world around us.

God works through the natural - through medicine, skilled doctors and determined researchers. God also works in the supernatural - through the many stories of physical healings recorded in the scriptures, and the countless testimonies of people who claim to have been healed by the risen Christ today. Through all this we learn that the emotional, the spiritual and the physical are not separate but are connected. Prayer addresses all of these things. It holds us emotionally, it creates peaceful spirit filled moments and engages with the physical matter of God's creation. Prayer is like a fragrant oil bringing grace, love, truth, hope and healing. Prayer is faith in action, always causing change and connecting with eternity.




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