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Act of faith in Jesus Christ (Jean Pliya)

Jesus my Savior and my God, I believe that you are the Son of God, who was made man, the Messiah by who Grace and Salvation came to us; the Christ dead on the Cross to blot out our sins; and resurrected and glorified by the Father.



Jesus, You have poured out your Blood for me. You have redeemed me et saved me. You are the light shining in darkness, »The Son of God revealed to destroy the works of the devil »(1 Jn 3,8)
Jesus, I believe that you are the only mediator between God and men, and your Name is above every name.
Jesus, you are the Lamb of God. You are resurrected and you gave me the newness of life, a divine life more abundantly (Jn 10,10).  » I live by You, O Jesus and I know that I shall not die but live and declare the deeds of the LORD « (Ps 118,17).

Jean Pliya, « from darkness to light », prayer number 3, p 239, 5th ed, Saint Paul, 2002



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