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Comprehensive Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Lord Jesus, please remit all of my sins and every sin committed in and around this property (name a specific location(s)) by the occupants, anyone who has ever been here, people who will be arriving here, and the people in the adjacent areas, back to Adam and Eve, including the air above, the ground beneath, and all around, and every living entity that may be used by Satan, in Jesus name. These people (and myself) will now be referred to as "Residents." (Shorthand - Remit)
As it concerns all malevolent entities attacking the Residents, past, present, and future, including all humans, witches, warlocks, satanists, Satan, demonic spirits, things known and unknown, these will be, moving forward, referred to as the "Enemy". I now ask that you would place the full armor of God on all Residents, and cover them, body, soul, and spirit, this property, and even the very air, with the blood of Jesus. Fill the Residents with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit and seal off every entrance and exit of the enemy. Do not allow the Residents to be used as an access point for the Enemy. Lord, place a shield of your wall of fire, a strong hedge of thorns, and ministering, warring, and guardian angels around the Residents to insulate and protect them from all attacks of the enemy on every side. (Shorthand - Seal)



I withdraw and cancel Satan's mandate for my life and destiny now by the power in the blood of Jesus. I cancel the assignment of every Enemy sent here now, in Jesus' name. Lord, please remit the sin of every sacrifice, ritual, and evil done by the Enemy to gain power from Satan and the spirit world. May all evil power gained from evil deeds be nullified and neutralized by the blood of Jesus. Please remove the power of their attack and scatter their demons. (Shorthand - Remit)
I now loose sufficient angels to rapidly and continuously perform the following actions and ask them to not withdraw their service until all Enemy attacks subside, according to your will, Lord Jesus. I loose sufficient angels to rapidly, continuously:
Cut all lines of communication and re-enforcement of the Enemy.
Cut all silver cords of every astral projecting spirit of the Enemy.
Cut all evil soul ties being formed between me, those about me, and the Enemy.
Bind and gag every demon here or en-route here so they cannot move and communicate, and escort
them to the Lord Jesus Christ for judgment.
Blind and destroy every witchcraft eye, satellite, camera, monitor, mirror, crystal ball, watcher, third eye, and other surveillance device of the Enemy.
Block, remove, and fire back to the sender every fiery dart fired by the Enemy.
Clean and remove every evil mark, label, attachment, chip, crystal, implant, insert, portal, tracker, occult technology known and unknown on and in me and all of my property with the blood of Jesus.
Clean the air and all surfaces here with blood of Jesus, especially all water, food, soaps, detergents, refrigerator, air conditioning unit, heater, and all contaminated items.
Cover all mirrors here and close every portal on me and any of my property with the blood of Jesus.
Block all thought waves being sent from the Enemy and return them to the sender, amplified.
Block the traveling routes and all lay lines of the Enemy with angels, a hedge of thorns, and the blood of Jesus.
Destroy everything representing my image, effigy, picture, and part of me in the spirit realm. Be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus.
Cut all evil soul ties formed between me and the Enemy now, in Jesus'name.
I break the power of every spell, incantation, hex, vex, jinx, hoodoo, voodoo, chant and curse sent to me and return them to the senders, seven times seventy fold and bind it to them with the blood of Jesus. Wipe out anything programmed into the sun, moon, stars, heavenlies, elements, earth, under the earth, and in the sea against me.
Withdraw every organ and part of my body, hair, nails, personal items, and anything else of mine, and things representing me from every Enemy altar, shrine, pot, and cauldron, in Jesus'name.
Destroy every Enemy candle, mirror, crystal ball, tree, river, cauldron, pot, cage, charm, shrine, and altar fashioned against my life in the name of Jesus.
Remove every Enemy fiery dart sent to me from all parts of my body, now.
Neutralize every poison that I have eaten and inhaled. Be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.
Neutralize and flush out every Enemy food and drink that I have taken in dreams and in the natural.
Everything done using the ground, air, fire, and water against me, be neutralized now.
Every witchcraft burial fashioned against me, be canceled now in Jesus name.
May all attackers of my star be disgraced.
May the ground become burning fire for the Enemy.
I now eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus and receive life, health, supernatural strength, energy, and resurrection power into my body.
Lord, I loose mighty warrior angels to go into battle here now. I loose your hammer, battle axe, and the sword of the spirit to fight for me. I loose giant hail, fire, brimstone, lightning and thunder to rain down continuously upon the Enemy, your hornets, fowls, hounds and every heavenly creature to attack and pursue them. I loose your giant sperm whales to attack and destroy every spirit of witchcraft, witchcraft control, mind control, thought control, octagon and squid.
Lord, pursue my Enemy and raise up mighty foes against them. May all of their friends and support desert them.
Lord, according to your will, may every attack of the Enemy turn back and hit them, sevenfold or more. Lord, rain down severe problems upon them continuously until they turn and repent.
Send the Enemy health problems, dry up and cripple all of their resources.
Remove all peace, joy, happiness, contentment, and all agreement between them and evil friends. May the Enemy fight amongst themselves to the point of total exhaustion.
Let everything that they once enjoyed turn into torment for them.
Trouble them day and night and do not allow them any rest. May they become physically drained to the point where they can no longer think about doing evil.
Reign terror upon them, the fear of the Lord, and bring their bodies to the razor's edge of death until they relent and repent from their attacks.
If they will not turn, deal with them as necessary until they are permanently paralyzed so that they cannot continue doing evil. Be it by death, incapacitation, or whatever your will is, but please Lord, do not allow them to continue doing evil.
In their moment of deep crisis, may someone minister the gospel to them, and may all these afflictions bring them to bow before Jesus for their eternal salvation. If they will not turn, wipe all memory of them and their generations from the earth. May wicked, unrepentant people be destroyed from the face of the earth so that the righteous and those who love you may live in peace.
According to your will, I ask for these same prayers to be applied to my friends, family, leaders (list them by name), and every member of the body of Christ. I ask these things in Jesus' mighty name. Amen.


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