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Prayer On The Death Of A Loved One

it was you who created  Ps 139:13
and knit him/her together in her mother's womb.    Wis 7:1
You have written him/her name on the palm of your hands    Is 49:16



and he/she is precious in your eyes.    Is 43:4
You called him/her to walk in your presence    Ps 56:14
and live a tale of friendship with you,    cf Wis 7:27; Jms 2:23
and your Spirit enabled him/her
to touch people’s hearts and enrich their lives.
He/she looked for the best in people    cf Rom 12:10-19
and rejoiced in all that is good and honourable.    cf Phil 4:4-9 He/she worked cheerfully and lived at peace with others.    Rom 12:8,18 He/she had a profound respect for everyone    Rom 12:10
and was, for some,
even closer than a brother/sister.    Prov 18:24
Embrace him/her warmly, Father, this day and always,    cf Lk 15:20
crowning him/her with your love and compassion. Amen.    Ps 103:4

Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC


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