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Addressing The Deceased In A Song Of Farewell

Go forth,___________, upon your final journey.
Go from this world and rest in peace
in the presence of God the Father, who created you; in the love of Jesus our Lord, who calls you his friend, and in the warmth of the Holy Spirit,
who has made his home in you.



In death your life is now changed, not ended, and we give you back to our faithful God who first gave you to us.
On our common pilgrimage we have accompanied you
as far as we can go together.
Our ways part for now but, beyond our horizon, you will be met by Jesus who is himself the Way.
May the angels lead you into paradise, and the saints take you by the hand
and walk with you into the presence of God. There, face-to-face, you will meet our loving Father. His hands will be swift to welcome,
and he will hold you close:
his tender love
is that of a mother for her child,
and he has written your name,_____________, on the palm of his hands.

You will find rest in Christ, the Good Shepherd, who carries you and says: "Do not be afraid."
His peace will be yours
in a place where pain and sorrow will be no more.
There in God’s kingdom
of light, happiness and peace
the Holy Spirit will heal and renew and strengthen you.
The end of your pilgrimage will be a new beginning in the bright dawn of eternal day.

Go forth,__________, upon your final journey. Go from this world, and be with God.

Brother Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC

Permission is hereby given by the author to those who wish to use this text in a liturgy. The words are based on Scripture, the Liturgy and the Early Church Fathers.


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