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Prayer For Blessing Of A Lamb

V. Our help is in the name of the Lord. 
R. Who has made heaven and earth. 

V. The Lord be with you. 
R. And with your spirit.



Let us pray:

O God, when You freed Your people from Egypt You ordered, 
through Your servant Moses, 
that a lamb be killed 
and that the posts of the houses be sprinkled with its blood. 
Be so kind as to bless and sanctify this flesh which You have made, 
and of which we, Your servants, 
wish to partake in Your honor, 
through the resurrection of the same Jesus Christ our Lord, 
who lives and is King with You 
for ever and ever. 

R. Amen.

(Then the lamb(s) is/are sprinkled with holy water.)

(N.B. This Blessing of a Lamb, along with the Blessings of Eggs, of Bread, of Fresh Fruit, and of Any Food, are used especially at Easter Time, but they may also be used at any other season. Note the reference to our Lord's resurrection in the Blessing of a Lamb and in the Blessing of Eggs.)


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