Loving Father, faithful God,    1 Cor 1:9
as I remember before you those who have died, I reflect, as well, upon the time remaining to me.
I ask you to touch my heart and renew my spirit, so that I may live in such a way
that I express thanks every day
 for so many blessings.



And when I bid farewell to this world
remember, Father, your own tender care of me.
Having guided me since I left my mother’s womb    Job 31:18
you have called me by name,    Is 43:1
declared me precious in your eyes,    Is 43:4
and watched each breath I have taken.    Job 10:12

And when I breathe my last, look not at my sin, Father,
but at the face of Jesus, my Brother and Redeemer.
Hear him say that he called me his friend,    Jn 15:15
made his home in me,    Jn 15:4
and walked beside me
through the valley of darkness.    Ps 23:4

Remember, too, Father, that your Holy Spirit
has dwelt in me and prayed in me,    Rom 8:11,26
and helped me in my weakness.
Listen to the Spirit speak on my behalf.    cf Jn 14:26

Enfold me then in your love, Father, as I know you embrace me now, and admit me, I pray,
to your kingdom of light, happiness and peace,
to the place that you have prepared for me,    Mt 25:34
alongside those I love
and beside many who have gone before me, marked with the sign of faith:
there to see you face-to-face,    1 Cor 13:12
where pain and suffering will be no more.

And when the earth encloses my body, Father, look then at the faith and compassion
of those who have surrounded me with their love.
Bring them comfort, Father,
since only those who love can mourn, and assure them
that I will remember them before you
in your kingdom. Amen.    cf Lk 23:42

Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC


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