Blessing and Healing Shorthand Prayers - All Powerful Prayers

Blessing and Healing Shorthand Prayers

Remit - Please remit my sins, and every sin committed in the air above, the ground beneath, all around, and the people adjacent to this property the blood of Jesus that may be fueling this attack (ie. any sacrifices, etc. the satanists and demons are using for power.



Restore - Loose angels to restore the souls of everyone here, loose angels to take the fragments they shouldn't have and return them to their owners.
Bless - Ask the Lord to fill up everyone here with the Holy spirit, and the fruits of the spirit, power, love, sound mind, faith, truth, knowledge, wisdom, meekness, humility, long suffering, temperance, peace and joy in Jesus name.
Save - Father, please save these souls if at all possible.
Ministering - Loose ministering angels to help you in certain situations, when you need help with certain things (when people with many demons hinder your efforts for good).



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