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Shorthand Prayer Combinations

You can pray combinations of the shorthand prayers above when under demonic attack, or daily for blessing others. It is another way to pray without ceasing. In addition to these, make your own combinations from the shorthand list above. The point is that you do not have to read a long prayer.
Repeat these until the situation you are in improves. You will be surprised by the results.



CHBBA - (Pronounce phonetically "Ch-ba") Cursebreak, Hedge, Bind, Bag, Attack. This is extremely effective, when you come under demonic attack, pray CHBBA repeatedly until things improve. For example, if you start getting a needle like pain in your body, headache, ear ringing or other manifestation of demonic attack.
RRBS - Remit, Restore, Bless, Save - This is a great prayer when you are around people. Pray RRBS for each person in your area or wherever you are to rapidly pray blessing and healing prayers.
SSS, SSS - Soul ties. Break multiple soul ties rapidly. This is important because the dark kingdom frequently sets up multiple soul ties to attack you from, and they must be broken quickly if you are to be in good health. These multiple soul ties can cripple your ability to breath and function, and many people are
affected by them but have no idea what they are. If you start to feel bad, pray SSS, SSS, soul tie.
Remit, Clean, Cut, Seal, Whales, Attack, Appropriate - RCCSWAA
(Pronounce phonetically "Rcc-swa-a") Extremely important. This prayer targets witchcraft in daily life. Pray this prayer when you are having a hard time, witchcraft spirits are trying to manipulate and make life difficult for you.
Remit all sins in and around you. Clean all satanic, witchcraft mark, traps, and portals. Cut all lines of communication, reinforcement, and traveling. Fill all entities in your area with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the spirit, then seal them with the armor of God and the blood of Jesus from being used as an access point of the enemy. Loose the giant sperm whales of the Lord to attack all spirits of witchcraft, witchcraft control, mind control, and mind occult. Loose angels to attack. Loose the appropriate heavenly creature to attack and route the spiritual enemy at hand.


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