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Appeal For Pardon

Accept, O Lord,
this appeal for the pardon wrung from our afflicted and repentant souls,
and in true sorrow for our sins
and the sins of our relatives and friends.

We ask Pardon, O Divine Heart!
for public scandals and evil living,
for all who try to stir up disorder,
for all who corrupt Thy little ones,
for those who spend their youth and fortune in sensuous living,
for crimes in families,
the sins of parents and children.



We ask Pardon, O Divine Heart!
for those who traffic in public crime,
for those who lead and lure souls to eternal damnation
by riches and corrupt literature,
for those who excite evil passions by immodest fashions,
corrupt plays and degenerate art.

We ask Pardon, O Divine Heart!
for all attacks against our Holy Father the Pope,
for all organized disobedience against Holy Mother the Church,
for all weak and straying souls,
for sinners who resist grace,
for all abuse of the Sacraments
or any outrage against the Holy Eucharist.



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