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Between Non and the Time of My Death When my time comes, Father, Welcome Me Into Your Arms

Loving Father,
I appreciate that until my last breath
you will continue creating me as your work of art,    Eph 2:10
and I am grateful that your fingers can touch nothing
but to mould it into loveliness.    George MacDonald

As children look like their parents,
I pray that, enabled by your Spirit,
I may still grow in your likeness, Father, in the time that remains to me.
May your Spirit help me to make the best use of all that I have inherited from you,
and may I resemble you more closely in developing further
the qualities with which you have graced me.
May I be wondrously ‘charged with your grandeur’,    G.M.Hopkins
and show forth the brilliance, the transfiguration,    Lk 9:28-36
that you have wanted for me.




At the same time, Father, I ask your forgiveness
for having tarnished the image and likeness    Gen 1:26
and marred the integrity of the blueprint that you have had in mind
whenever you have smiled and thought of me. Yes, I acknowledge that I have missed the mark,
have fallen short, have sinned, but it is liberating to know
that “you cast my sins to the bottom of the sea”.    Mic 7:19

I thank you, Father, for restoring the dignity of us all
in Jesus, your Word made flesh.    Jn 1:14
It touches me deeply when I appreciate
that he is Risen and walks beside me now,    cf Lk 24
and my heartfelt prayer is to know Jesus more fully, and to experience in my life
the power of his Resurrection.    Phil 3:10

I have many people in mind, Father, when I ask you to bless
those who have been of good influence on me    cf Rom 14:7-12
over the years.
Some I have forgotten or never knew; many are still alive.
Others have gone ahead of me and are now close to you, Father, which is where I pray I will go when my time comes.
You know that I want to make my home with you    2 Cor 5:9
and, when my moment arrives, loving Father,
I ask that you will call me by name    Is 43:1
and admit me into the fullness of your presence.
Welcome me, then, into your arms, Father,    Lk 15:20
and embrace me in that Garden
where the leaves of the tree are for healing.    Rev 22:2
Without the distractions of ill-health and pain, it will be good to be able to delight fully
in all that is around me.
In the warmth and light of your company
I will enjoy meeting again many loved ones who have died over the years.

Ministry for me will continue there, Father, as I will intercede
for many I will have left behind in this present life.
I will love them still and will be praying for them for the remainder of their lives.
May knowledge of that intercession be of support to them in this life.

Meanwhile, Father,
in the time between now and my death,
your promise to be with me will strengthen me.
Keep me grateful for so many blessings    cf Eph 1:3; 5:20
to the end of this life and beyond,
and keep me ever-cheerful and at peace.    cf 2 Cor 5:18
Throughout my own time of waiting, Father, may my sharing of the path
of common experience and of compassion lead me to continue to be of help to others in whatever ways I can:
supporting and healing the broken-hearted
and binding up their wounds,    Ps 147:3
conscious that I am aiming to share with them
the comfort and support which you have brought to me.    2 Cor 1:1-11

Creator-Father, you make all things new.    Rev 21:1
May the love of Christ overwhelm me    cf 2 Cor 5:14
and may I be full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Amen.    Acts 6:1-7

Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC


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