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Looking Forward To The Kingdom of Heaven

I can reflect, Father,
on ‘moves’ I have made in my life:
changing from primary to secondary school, moving home,
leaving one place of work for another, going from one town to another.



As illness progresses for me, Father,
I reflect that my ‘biggest move’ is yet to come and grows closer.
I do rejoice, Father, that when I die your welcome for me
and your care for me will far exceed
even the greatest examples of love and care
that people, in their kindness, have had for me.

In the process of dying
I am glad to find myself focussing on the good and the positive.
There really is no point in thinking, “If only...”!!
I have reflected much about the uniqueness of individuals, and I am touched greatly
on seeing the ways in which so many people make choices and decisions
about their everyday lives.
I am reminded that Jesus said
that unless we become like little children we will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Father, I give thanks
for all whose lives have touched mine with your love and compassion.
It is encouraging to appreciate
that so much goodness in people will be found to be ‘writ large’
when they make that move to heaven and, to take this further, Lord God, the greatest degree
of the finest qualities in human beings I will find ‘writ very large’
in the Person of you, their Creator.

It is self-evident to me
that so much that we treasure in this life we will experience fully and abundantly in the promised life to come.
My ‘list’ of what I think I will discover after my death, Father,
could start with these:
light, laughter and goodness, love, loyalty and enjoyment, friendship, fulfilment and beauty, peace, protection and rest, appreciation, awe and wonder compassion, kindness and joy.

I look forward in the kingdom of heaven to enjoy so very much
freedom from pain and illness,
and freedom to be more fully in your presence.

In heaven people are re-united, too, with many people, have relationships restored and renewed,
and understand much that previously we could see only darkly. I am sure that many insights will be gained, too,
into many unanswered questions!
Even faith will no longer be needed because I will relate directly
with you, Father, and your Son and the Holy Spirit.

For my own ‘big move’, Father,
I ask you to continue to prepare me.
Especially, Father, I ask that you keep me grateful for so many blessings
- and keep me ever-cheerful. Amen.


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