Novena To Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice (April 26 - May 5) - All Powerful Prayers

Novena To Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice (April 26 - May 5)

[The Novena consist of 9 days of prayers.]

Dear Blessed Edmund,
Tragedy took your wife of two years
leaving you the father of an infant daughter with disabilities.
Please pray Blessed Edmund for all parents
who face the challenges of raising a child with special needs.



Ask our dear Blessed Mother
to cover us with her mantle of love.
Intercede before Jesus that we may possess patience
and gentleness with our children
even in the most difficult of circumstances.
Pray that we may possess the virtue of charity,
that we may make a difference in the life
of at least one individual or child
as you so beautifully witnessed here on earth.
May our soul find peace and tranquility
by unifying our Will with that of the Lords.
May we find joy in complete obedience to Our Heavenly Father.


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