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Rejoicing, Father, That you forgive Us Our Wrongs

Loving Lord,
you tell us in the Bible
that whatever wrong we have done you tread down our faults
to the bottom of the sea.    Mic 7:19



We know there is no need to keep thinking
about what we have done
in the past,    Is 43:18
because you pardon
the wrongs we have done,
and you delight in showing mercy.    Mic 7:18
You bind up all our wounds    Ps 147:3
and you renew us by your love.    Zeph 3:17
Lord, you love
all that you have made,    Wis 11:24
and it is your very nature to love and forgive.
Lead us to be generous
in accepting and forgiving others in the same way
as you accept and forgive us. Amen.


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