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Prayer for a Successful Job Interview

Finding a good job is not easy. We all know that.

But, as Christians, we can approach the Throne of our God with confidence, and ask Him for help.

We serve a mighty God that can open doors that no one can shut. He is able to provide new opportunities, and create a way where there seems to be none.


This powerful prayer is for job seekers. Use it as a guide when you want to ask God to bless you with new job opportunities and job breakthroughs.

Here’s a powerful prayer for a successful job interview.






God of Wonders,

You are good and will always be.
You are the One that leads me. You are my light.
My compass to navigate the waves of life with success.

As You know, I’ve been invited for a job interview.
I need You to go with me. I need You to calm my nerves.
I need You to speak through me during the interview.
I need You to help me understand every question.
I need You to guide me in giving the best answer.
I need You to help me make a good impression.

Lord, please, grant me this job.
Help me be successful in this position.
Let this opportunity come to me and let it be a blessing.





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