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Powerful Prayer for Others

Life isn't always happiness and joy - there are times when you a prayer for healing and change. Prayer is more than just the words you read off of a page or that utter during a time of need. Establishing a well-balanced relationship with your Lord and Savior means you are taking time and communicating. Prayer is one of the most powerful ways you can establish a meaningful relationship with the Lord.


When you’re experiencing a difficult the one person you know will always be on your side, no matter what, is the Lord. It’s important to feel comfortable with the Him and ask for the comfort you need with a prayer for healing. It’s important to remember that you’re not burdening the Lord with your request – He appreciates your willingness to come before Him and is ready and willing to provide you with guidance. While the path may not be what you anticipated or perhaps the answer is not in plain sight, always remember that He has a plan.




Have you ever attended a small group at your church? Are you part of a prayer circle for your church? Prayer is beautiful – especially when you’re holding others in prayer for healing. While it’s incredibly easy to get caught up with our own problems and concerns, we should take time every day to seek out friends and family and pray. Maybe it’s a friend who is going through a divorce, a loved one that received a scary medical diagnosis or our child worried they’ll be ridiculed at school – the answer is prayer. Share the power of healing with prayers.


Here is a prayer that actually will change your conversation with God. Pray with this powerful healing prayer right now and take not on how your life is impacted.



Merciful God,

I offer prayers for those who are wanting.
Those with broken hearts and broken lives.
Bless them with healing. Change their circumstances.
Cause peace and prosperity to come to them in abundance.
I, who have plenty, pray that I may share the richness of my soul, even as I share my resources.




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