Prayer Before A General Meeting # 6 - All Powerful Prayers

Prayer Before A General Meeting # 6

Dear Heavenly Father,
You have been faithful to your promise,
and have sent us a Redeemer.
You have kept your word,
and now we must strive to be the people
that You made us to be.
We must remember at all times who we are,
because You made us Your holy people.
We ask for Your forgiveness for those times
when we do not remember,
when we fall short,
and when we choose not to do Your will.
Whenever we meet to work together
for the education of Your young people,
we ask that You send Your Holy Spirit to be among us.



We pray that You will guide us,
open our hearts and our minds,
help us to see You in each other
and in the world around us.
Give us understanding and insight
to share with one another.
We ask for Your blessing on all parents in the world,
and on all who support them in their task of educating.
We pray for the courage to see that justice is done
in ways that benefit all of humanity.
We are Your Church: yesterday, today, tomorrow, always.
Through Your Goodness,
we are blessed in having the message
of hope and love to transmit,
and for this we thank You.
We pray that Your Holy Spirit
will guide us in all that we do,
so that Your will may be done.
We ask all of this in the name of Your Son,
Our Lord, Jesus Christ.




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