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The Prayer Oh God Of Love

Oh God of love,
what greater means could you have discovered
to make yourself loved by us?
It was not enough for you to become man,
and to subject yourself to many of our miseries.
It was not enough for you to pour out all your blood for us
to die on a tree destined for condemned criminals.
You were finally reduced to giving yourself to us
as food under the form of bread;
so that you could unite yourself to our inmost being.
How unhappy we shall be if, in this life,
we do not love you!
What remorse it will bring us,
when we go into eternity,
if we have not loved you!



My Jesus, I do not wish to die without loving you.

Oh, I am deeply grieved because of the pain
I have given you so often.
I repent, Oh Jesus,
and I would like to die with sorrow.
Now I love you;
I consecrate to you all the affections of my being.
My Jesus, now that you have drawn me into your love,
I forsake all else.

Oh Mother of my God,
Mary, pray to Jesus for me,
and make me holy.
Add this one more to the rest of your miracles,
change a sinner into a saint.




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