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Novena To Saint Columba / Columcille

Repeat the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

O Glorious Saint Columba,
in remembrance of the love you bore your native land in the golden days,
when you declared your spirit would always be with us,
we beg of you to intercede for us
that we may worthily imitate your virtues,
especially your great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.
Turn to Jesus on the altar,
and never cease to pray for us until the fire of Divine Love
burns brightly and steadfastly in every Irish heart.
Obtain for our rulers and for all,
the true spirit of charity.
Let not your interest in the schools of Ireland
be less than it was formerly.
Bless the labours of those who work in them
that the land you loved so well on earth
may become again the "Isle of Saints and Scholars".
We invoke your powerful intercession
against the dread evils of intemperance
and for the preservation of the faith
and virtue of the Irish people.
Pray for us now and always,
that faithfully fulfilling the duties of our state,
we may love Jesus and Mary with our whole hearts,
and thus prove worthy of your love and protection.




Litany of Saint Columba.

(For private recitation only)

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.

Holy Mary,
pray for us.

Queen of Angels,
pray for us.

Queen of all Saints,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, greatest of Irish-born Saints,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, most illustrious of Irish Scholars,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, founder of Derry,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, patron of Ireland,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, apostle of Scotland,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, dove of the Church,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, Saint of the Eucharist,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, companion of the Angels,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, mirror of purity,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, model of humility,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, lover of temperance,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, father of the poor,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, protector of the innocent,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, advocate of the oppressed,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, friend of the children,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, guardian of schools,
pray for us.

Saint Columba, shield of our city,
pray for us.

Saint Oran, monk of Derry,
pray for us.

All ye holy Monks of Iona,
pray for us.

Saint Bran, Nephew of Saint Columba,
pray for us.

All ye holy Dead of Derry,
pray for us.

Saint Martin,
pray for us.

All ye Patrons and Friends of Saint Columba,
pray for us.

V. pray for us O dearest Saint Columba.
R. That we may love the Sacred Heart of Jesus daily more and more.

Let us Pray.

O God, Who didst vouchsafe to unveil to Thy Servant, Columba,
the Angels who guard Thy Tabernacle,
grant that we, whose privilege it is to pray where he knelt,
may, through his intercession,
be enabled to lead such lives of purity and holiness
as will one day entitle us to behold those same Angels
in the mansions of bliss,
through Christ our Lord.


Prayer of Saint Columba

May the fire of God's love burn brightly and steadfastly in our hearts
like the golden light within the sanctuary lamp.
(Prayer of Saint Columba in the Dubhregles of Derry.)

[Source: Saint Anthony's Treasury - A Manual of Devotions (Anthonian Press, Dublin, 1941), 278-81.]



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