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Dedication Of A Family To Mary

Most Blessed Virgin Mary,
Immaculate Queen and Mother,
the refuge and consolation of all troubled souls!
I kneel here before thee with my family
and choose thee for my Lady, Mother,
and Advocate with God.

I dedicate myself and all who belong to me to thy service forever.
I beg thee, O Mother of God,
to receive us into the company of thy servants.
Take us under thy protection.
Help us in life and at the hour of our death.



Mother of Mercy,
I name thee Lady and Queen of my family and relatives,
my interests and all my undertakings.
Take charge of them;
dispose of everything as it pleases thee.

Bless me and all my family.
Never let any of us offend thy Son.
In every temptation defend us;
protect us in every danger;
provide for us in the necessities of life;
counsel us in doubt;
comfort us in every sorrow,
in every sickness,
and especially in the final sorrow of death.

Never let the powers of Hell boast
that they have enslaved any of those who here consecrate themselves to thee.
Grant that we may all enter into Heaven to thank thee and,
in thy company,
to praise and love Jesus our Redeemer for all eternity.


Thus, may it be.




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