Prayer For Priests # 36 - All Powerful Prayers

Prayer For Priests # 36

O, Jesus, Eternal High Priest,
accept my fervent prayers
for Father (Name) _______ , your servant.
I lift up this priest in prayer to you,
and intercede for the Holy Catholic Priesthood.
Take my offering to use
as you will for one who is in need of prayer.

Dear Jesus, bless each priest with zeal for your Word.
Inspire him with a love of the Eucharist.
Instill in him humility;
give him courage to lead his flock,
and protect him always
from the temptations and snares of the devil.



O, Heavenly Father,
comfort him if he has grown discouraged.
Inflame his heart with love if he has grown tepid.

If there is a priest in purgatory,
bring him into Eternal Life
with my heartfelt supplication.

May your Sacred Heart renew,
strengthen and dwell in each priest
so that he may truly be a new creation in your image.

Gracious Mother Mary,
take this priest into your Immaculate Heart
and intercede for your chosen son.




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