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Prayer For The Corn

Almighty and eternal God,
You are the Lord of the harvest.
All over the land now,
under the August sky,
stands field after field of corn.
Its long leaves are drinking in the warm sun
and rustling in the wind.

Bless this crop of ours, Lord,
and make it plentiful and rich.
Millions of people will be fed with this grain now standing in the fields,
and millions of animals, too.
Keep it from blight and pests.
Give it sufficient rain and warm sun,
and do not let the killing frost come too soon.



Help us in the harvesting of it, Lord,
so that the hungry may be fed
and the desires of the needy fulfilled.

We thank You for all Your kindnesses to us.
We beg You to bless our work in the fields,
and give us a plentiful harvest,
so that we may with gratitude and loving faithfulness
always do Your will,
with the help of Your grace,
through Jesus Christ,
Your Son, our Lord,
who lives and is King with You forever
in the unity of the Holy Spirit.



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