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A Prayer to Ask Creator God to Guide Your Steps

We are faced with all kinds of situations that require us to keep faith with God in order for Him to guide us on the right path.

Nothing is harder than facing a situation or a circumstance that you need guidance and faith. It’s easy to fall into the trap of worry and fear. This can then stop you in your tracks, and nothing moves forward.


God does not want you to live in fear He wants you to experience inner peace when making a decision.

Prayer brings us closer to our Father and opens up our hearts to His will for our lives – which leads us down the right path.





Walking and talking to the Lord on a daily basis will ensure you are living within his will. This powerful prayer for faith and guidance will encourage you every step of the way.



Creator God, You made me and You love me. My circumstances do not define me, my identity is as Your child.

Your word says that, although people plan their course in their hearts, it is You who establishes our steps.

Whatever I do today, Your loving eye is on me and You have promised to guide me. I can do nothing without You giving me the strength to do it. The desires of my heart can only be satisfied in You. Guide my steps, Lord, to follow You. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.





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