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Prayers After Confession # 2

What thanks do I not owe to Thee,
my God!
not only for having created me,
redeemed me,
and called me into the bosom of Thy Church,
but still more for having waited for my return
whilst I was wandering from Thee
in the miserable paths of sin;
for having so often pardoned me,
as I hope Thou hast done this day,
and for having preserved me from so many other sins,
into which I should have fallen
had I not been preserved by Thy gracious hand.
But my enemies will not cease to tempt until death,
and if Thou support me not, alas!
I shall soon begin again to offend Thee
more grievously than ever.



Grant me then,
through the merits of Jesus Christ
the precious grace of final perseverance.
The Divine Saviour has assured us
that whatever we ask in His Name,
Thou wilt grant it to us.
I entreat Thee, therefore,
through all that Thy dear Son suffered for me,
never to let me forsake Thee any more.
I feel the greatest confidence that,
if I continue to pray for this grace,
I shall obtain it,
because Thou hast promised to hear our prayers.
But I tremble with fear lest,
in some unguarded moment,
I should forget my dependence on Thee,
fail to invoke Thy help,
and thus relapse into my former misery.
Grant, therefore,
that in all my temptations
I may have instant recourse to Thee,
by invoking the holy Names of Jesus and Mary.
Thus, O my Lord,
I may confidently hope to die in Thy grace,
and to love Thee forever in heaven,
where I shall be sure never to be separated from Thee,
and to be consumed in the fire
of Thy holy love for all eternity.




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