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Prayer of The Offering of Myself

Lord Jesus,
you told your friends
not to worry about the future.    Mt 6:34
You showed them
how to have the attitude
of simple trust    Mk 10:15



that young children have,
so that they could place themselves
into the caring hands of your Father. And so
I ask for the power of your Spirit that I may remain positive throughout all that is ordinary
in my daily life.
I know that your touch
can change people and situations, and so I ask you
to join me in offering to our Father not only the good things of this day but also the suffering and sacrifices that I want to offer
cheerfully and lovingly,
and in a quiet and hidden way.
And so may any difficulties
and frustration and pain of this day be transformed in your presence
for the benefit of other people. Amen.

Nicholas Hutchinson – ‘Praying Each Day’, Volume 3 – 1 October (Matthew James Publishing)


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