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1 Peter 5:6-7 Prayer Against Anxiety

Anxiety is not a laughing matter. It can paralyze us and, thus prevent us from moving forward.

Let’s then approach the Throne of our Lord and ask Him to help us overcome anxiety and all other associated emotions. Below is a prayer from 1 Peter 5:6-7 that you can use to ask the Lord to help you deal with the anxiety.

Of course, we can trust God to give us peace when anxiety strikes.

But, remember...

If you are frequently suffering from anxiety and depression, please consult your physician or a health care specialist as soon as possible.






God Almighty,

I know that You care for Your children.
I know that You are faithful to answer our prayers
in Your time and according to Your will.

Father, I feel overwhelmed by stress and worries,
and it seems like anxiety is overtaking my life.

That’s why, here I am Lord.
I humbly come before Your throne of mercy and grace.
I come to give You my anxiety, the worries in my mind,
all my negative thoughts, this feeling of overwhelming
fear in my heart, and every single panic attacks.

I lay all down before Your throne.
Thank You for taking them all.
In Jesus’ Name I trust and believe.






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