Novena To Our Lady Of Siluva ("Lithuania's Greatest Treasure") (August 31 - September 8) - All Powerful Prayers

Novena To Our Lady Of Siluva ("Lithuania's Greatest Treasure") (August 31 - September 8)

Repeat the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

O Most Holy Virgin Mary,
You who did appear to the shepherds
in the fields at Siluva,
You whose tears did bathe the rock
where once an altar stood,
You who did with plaintive voice say:
“You plow and seed here
where formerly my Son was honored,”
grant that we, moved by your tears,
may, once as our Forefathers did,
revive the spirit of adoration
of your Son in our fallow hearts,
strengthen the tottering structure
of the shrine which is the family,
and seek forgiveness for our negligence and sins.

O Mother of God,
we desire to raise up the glory
of Your revelation from forgotten ruins,
that we may all the more honor you,
the Patroness of Lithuania,
and with your help obtain for us
the spirit of a living Faith.
Through Christ our Lord.


[Mention your intention(s) here...]



For Graces of Conversion and Restoration
of Faith for Fallen-Away Catholics.

Remember, dear Mother Mary,
merciful Refuge of Sinners,
most loving and ever-vigilant Guardian of the Faith
of your children on earth,
how you once appeared in the fields of Siluva
to rekindle the dying embers of Faith
in the hearts of the people
by revealing to them the anguish
of your maternal Heart
over their long forgetfulness
of their ancestral Catholic heritage.
Look down, O dearest Mother Mary,
in pity upon...

[Mention the name here...]

and intercede with your Divine Son for him/her/them,
for he/she/they has wandered away
from the fold of the True Faith.
Too long now has he/she/they neglected
his/her/their duties to God and
to his/her/their own immortal soul(s).
All our efforts, pleadings,
and prayers for his/her/their return
have been in vain.
O Dearest Mother,
if you will not take pity on him/her/them
and come to his/her/their assistance,
his/her/their soul may be eternally lost.

Miraculous Virgin of Siluva,
let but one of your sorrowing mother's tears
fall upon this/these grace-starved soul(s)
and nourish it/them back to spiritual life.
Rekindle the weak spark of faith
in this/these heart(s)
into a brightly-burning flame of renewed love
and allegiance to your Divine Son.

O merciful Mother,
who brought back the people of Siluva to the True Faith
be moved by these prayers, and bring...

[Mention the name here...]

to a true conversion of heart,
that he/she/they may return to his/her/their Father's house
and again partake of the Bread of Life,
for God's greater honor and glory
and his/her/their own eternal salvation.
Miraculous Virgin of Siluva,
pray for us and for our wandering loved ones.


Say 3 Our Father...

Say 3 Hail Mary...

Say 3 Glory Be...

Our Lady of Siluva,
Pray for us.

Our Lady of Siluva,
Pray for us.

Our Lady of Siluva,
Pray for us.



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