Novena To Our Lady Of Ransom (September 16 - September 24) - All Powerful Prayers

Novena To Our Lady Of Ransom (September 16 - September 24)

Repeat the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

Begin here.

Blessed are you, O Mary, the honor and the joy of your people!
On the day of your glorious Assumption,
You did take possession of your queenly dignity for our sake;
and the human race record all of your merciful interventions.
The captives whose chains you have broken,
and whom you have set free from the degrading yoke of the Saracens,
may be reckoned in the millions.
We are still rejoicing in the recollection of your dear Birthday;
and your smile is sufficient to dry our tears
and chase away the clouds of grief.
And yet, what sorrows there are still upon the earth,
where you yourself did drink such long draughts from the cup of suffering!
You alone, O Mary, can break the inextricable chains,
in which the cunning prince of darkness entangles the dupes
he has deceived by the high-sounding names of equality and liberty.
Show yourself a Queen, by coming to the rescue.
The whole earth, the entire human race, cries out to you,
in the words of Mordochai:
“Speak to the King for us, and deliver us from death!” [Esther 15:3]

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Let us Pray.

O God, Who through the most glorious Mother of your Son
was pleased to give new children to Your Church
for the deliverance of Christ's faithful
from the power of the heathen,
grant, we pray to You,
that we who affectionately honor her
as the Foundress of so great a work,
may, by her merits and intercession,
be delivered from the slavery of sin
and the eternal flames of Hell.
Through Our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with You
in the Unity of the Holy Ghost,
One God, forever, unto ages of ages.




Prayer # 1

Mary, Mother of God,
you are so filled with compassion
that you deserve to be called
not only merciful but even mercy itself.
We praise your virginity and admire your humility;
but because we are poor sinners,
your mercy attracts us more
and we embrace it more lovingly.
You are the throne of Divine mercy
in whom we find solace of mercy.
The more holy you are,
the greater is your sweetness
and compassion toward sinners
who have recourse to you
with the desire to amend their lives.
Your prayers are those of a Mother and, therefore,
have a certain maternal authority with Jesus Christ
so that you obtain the grace of pardon
even for those who, though guilty of grievous crimes,
commend themselves to you.
Your protection never ceases,
your intercession brings hope and life.

Mary, My Mother, you stand in the presence of your Son,
interceding for sinners.
You are truly the pledge of Divine mercy.
Be merciful to us.
Help us that our souls may be cleansed
from the stains of sin.

Prayer # 2

Mary, Mother of God,
you are called Mother of Mercy
because of the fullness with which mercy
is given to those who seek it at your hands.
Mercy proceeds from you as from an abundant,
never-failing source.
Mercy is your special work
in this drama of human life.

You are called the Mother of Mercy
because God has given you power
to deal with every sort of misery
to which mankind is subjected.
God reserves to Himself the dispensing
of justice to all creatures.
It was His will that you
dispense mercy by helping sinners,
healing the sick,
relieving the distressed
and comforting the sorrowful everywhere.
You are far more than an instrument
of God's mercy towards us.
You yourself are full of grace,
and from the Holy Spirit,
your Divine Spouse,
you have received in overflowing measure
His boundless love for all mankind.
You are ever active in procuring
for each and every one of us,
by fervent and ceaseless intercession
all the heavenly gifts we need.
Such gifts assure us the everlasting
indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our hearts,
together with the Father and the Son,
and that endless life which is its blessed fruit.

Mary, My Mother, your intercession is all-powerful.
No other saint exerts such universal influence
in the affair of our salvation as you do.
No other has a like understanding of our miseries,
or is in a position to render us
on all occasions timely and powerful help.
I may address myself to the saints
for favors of various kinds,
but my prayer must always pass through your hands
if it is to reach the throne of grace
and draw down the Divine blessing.

Prayer # 3

Mary, Mother of God, I turn to you
in all my pressing needs and difficulties
as to a most sure refuge.
I implore the help of your protection
and choose you as my advocate.
I entrust my cause to you
who are the Mother of Mercy,
and I wish to offer you day by day
my most reverent love.
But that my devotion may be pleasing to you,
help me to maintain my soul and body
in the spotlessness of your purity,
help me to try as best I can
to walk in your footsteps,
humbly seeking to be like you.

Even if I have committed all possible sins,
let me never lose confidence in you,
for I know I shall always
find your Heart filled with mercy
when Son of God has His justice,
but you, the Mother, have only your mercy.
You desire more to do good to me
than I can desire to receive favors from you,
for your Heart is all love and mercy.

Mary, My Mother,
how shall I stand before my Judge
at the day of judgment?
How shall I answer for the wasted days and years
which God has given me to serve Him alone?
I look to you, Mother of Mercy.
You are all-merciful
that you may obtain for me pardon and mercy.
You are kind and loving
for you have a mother's heart,
full of pity for the erring.
You are a Mother of Mercy
to the sinner and the fallen;
have pity on me!

Our Lady of Ransom,
Pray for us.

Our Lady of Ransom,
Pray for us.

Our Lady of Ransom,
Pray for us.



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