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Prayer To Saint Joseph # 2 (By Pope Leo XIII)

To you, blessed Joseph,
we come in our tribulation
and after pleading for assistance
to your Most Holy Spouse,
we implore your help, too.
In the charity that kept you united
to the Immaculate Virgin Mary,
Mother of God and in the paternal love
you embrace the Child Jesus,
we humbly beg of you
to turn benignly your eyes to the heirs
that with His blood bought Jesus Christ
and that with your power
and help assist them in their needs.



Protect, provident guardian of the Divine family,
the chosen descendants of Jesus Christ;
remove from us all mark of error and corruption,
assist us propitiously from heaven,
mighty liberator,
in this fighting against the power of darkness;
and as in other times
you liberated the Child Jesus
from the impending danger of His life,
defend God's holy Church from the lurking of its enemies
and from all adversity,
and protect each one of us
with your continuous help so that,
taking example from you
and sustained by your aid
we could live saintly,
die piously and reach in heaven the eternal bliss.




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