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Prayer For Self-Surrender (Saint Theresa of Lisieux)

Lord, what do you want me to do?
What decision do you want me to make?
Where do you want my life to go?
The only way I can decide, Lord, is to put myself in your hands.
Like a potter takes clay and makes something of it,
Like you took a rib and made a woman,
Take me and give me whatever shape you want.
Or if you want, break the clay to pieces and start over again.
Do with me whatever you want.



It doesn't matter if I am loved or hated,
praised or calumniated, consoled or friendless.
What matters is that your will be done in me.
Help me to follow the example of your Mother
and say "Let it be done to me according to your Word."

I'm not looking for any big sacrifice, Lord, or any heavy cross.
Something like that would only make me proud.
Help me to do your will in little things,
To put up with misunderstandings, rash judgments,
confusion and frustration,
To be patient and peaceful with those who drive me crazy.

Let me love you by doing the little things
that will not bring me any satisfaction.

Amen.let this martyrdom make me ready to appear before you
and at last cause me to expire.
Let my soul cast itself without delay
into the everlasting arms of your merciful love.
O my beleoved,
with every beat of my heart
I desire to renew this offering
an infinite number of times,
until that day when the shadows shall vanish
and I shall be able to retell my love
in an internal face-to-face with you.




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