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Eucharistic Prayer For Priests

1. Eucharistic Celebration

Jesus, Eucharistic Lord,
I praise you and adore you,
with all my brothers and sisters throughout the world,
here in the sacrament
of your Most Holy Body and Blood
that we are celebrating,
united with You
to offer it to the Father
as a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.

I thank You on behalf of all of us
to have given us this great sacrament,
the centre and summit of our spiritual life.
I thank You for saying:
"Do this in memory of me",
to have chosen your twelve apostles,
and a further 72 other disciples,
and still today other men
from generation to generation
to continue this Mystery in your name,
to preside over Eucharist,
to absolve us from our sins
in the name of the Holy Trinity,
to be our spiritual guides,
to be the pillars of your Church.

I thank You, Jesus Eucharist,
to call even today
men to partake in Your ministerial priesthood,
to become members of the presbytery,
to assist our bishops,
these men who pray for their brothers,
who distribute the sacraments,
who proclaim the Good News
and preach Your word
and the teaching of the Church
to nourish our spiritual lives.

I thank You, Jesus Eucharist,
for these thousands of priests
who serve their brethren in many ways
as You showed in the washing of the feet.

2. Eucharistic Exposition

Jesus, Eucharistic Lord,
I believe, with all my brothers and sisters,
that you are really present in the Host
placed in the monstrance before us,
with your glorious humanity and your divinity.
I praise You, I glorify You, I adore You.
I give You thanks,
our Paraclete at the Father's side in heaven,
who remain always with us on earth in the tabernacles,
in our homes, in our hearts,
where we can pray to You unceasingly,
where You help us constantly.

Thank You, Jesus Eucharist,
for being able to take You to the sick in hospitals,
and to old people who cannot easily go around anymore.

All praise, all honor, all glory be Yours,
to You, our Creator,
our Redeemer and our Sanctifier.



3. Intentions to Jesus Eucharist

O Jesus, Eucharistic Lord,
with thousands of brothers and sisters,
in the communion of the saints and the angels,
I pray to You for our priests,
these men whom You have chosen
and called to serve Your Holy People.
May the Holy Spirit Paraclete always accompany them.
May Your love constantly burn in their hearts.
Fill their heart and life with Unquenchable Fire for you,
Jesus, and for Your Holy Gospel.
Be the very centre of all they think and do.
Inspire them when they speak to us.
Strengthen them when they are weak.
Be their courage when they are disheartened weary.

Refresh them in their hours of spiritual aridity.
Shine on them when their hearts are dark.
Be their joy when they succeed.
Be close to them when they feel lonely and abandoned.
Guide them in making difficult decisions.
Be their only model and example
in all they do for Your Church.

Support them when they act or speak with boldness.
Liberate them when they are oppressed.
Shelter them when they need protection.
Remind them to be grateful when they forget.

Move them to be sincere when they are inclined to cheat.
Forgive them when they sin.
Heal them when they hurt.
Calm them when they are agitated.
Increase their zeal when they become lukewarm or humdrum.
Brighten them up when they are sad.
Renew and santify them for they always need this.
Raise them up to new life when they die.
Grant them your reward for labouring so hard for You.

4. Invocation to Mary

Virgin Mary,
mother of the Eternal High priest, Jesus Christ,
and Mother of the Church,
with you, the saints and the holy angels,
we pray Jesus Eucharist for our priests,
to take care of their needs,
to realize their dreams for the Church,
to appease their hunger for their brothers,
to support their daily necessities
in their ministry and spiritual life.

5. Doxology

Jesus Eucharist,
through and with You
we offer this prayer to the Father Almighty,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit.




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