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Parents' Prayer For Their Children # 5

God, our Father,
I thank You for the gift of my children
and for the privilege and responsibility of being a parent,
for this is my way of holiness.
May I regard each of my children
as a sacred pledge of Your love
and a beautiful sign of Your confidence in me.
Help me to pass on to my children our greatest treasures,
faith in Your truths,
hope in Your goodness,
love in Your Name for all.
I entrust my children to Your loving care.



Banish from our home any bitterness or lack of forgiveness.
Let us have time, deep concern,
and a sense of sacrifice for one another.
Teach us never to be ashamed that we are,
in name and in fact,
a Catholic family striving to live in the way of Jesus,
Who is head of our home.
Give us Your Holy Spirit
to unite us throughout this life
and let the circle of our family be unbroken
in the Kingdom of Your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.



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