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Offering Of The Will

Lord, I come to offer You my will.
I live these years when it is being forged.
I want to offer it to You, so that You make it all Yours.
Save it from the diseases which threaten it.

By the grace of Your Spirit, make my will
strong, not afraid of obstacles,
persevering, not giving up because of stumbles,
aiming at horizons higher and wider than my immediate needs,
capable of making sacrifices to build a more vibrant future.

Give me a will which is strong but not obstinate,
willing to listen to voices of calm and experience, not presumptuous,
but conscious of my limitations, not arrogant,
choosing not to belittle those less fortunate than me,
not selfish, willing to assist those in need of help.



Help me to understand that it is in doing small things that a great will is forged,
in doing humble things that a noble will gets its wings,
in doing routine duties well that I prepare myself for heroic deeds.

Be at my side, Lord, to lift me up, and push me forward,
when the going gets rough, and I am bone­weary,
when I don't want to get up after so many falls,
when I don't feel like doing anything to get myself out of the dumps.

Help me say with You: "Not my will, Father, but Yours be done!"
Help me conquer myself, before I am to conquer the world, and
to be master of myself, before I am to lead others.



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