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Prayer To The Most Holy Trinity

O God, Thou who art one in nature and three in persons,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
first cause and last end of all creatures,
the infinite Good,
incomprehensible and ineffable,
my Creator, my Redeemer, and my Sanctifier,
I believe in Thee,
I hope in Thee,
and I love Thee with all my heart.



In the midst of Thine infinite happiness,
Thou didst choose me,
through no merits of mine,
in preference to countless other creatures,
who would doubtless have corresponded with Thy blessings better than I have done;
Thou didst love me from eternity;
and when my hour in time had come,
Thou didst draw me from nothingness into earthly existence
and didst bestow upon me Thy grace,
as a pledge of everlasting life.

From the depths of my misery,
I adore Thee and I give Thee thanks.
Thy holy Name was invoked over my cradle
to be my profession of faith,
my plan of action,
and the only goal of my earthly pilgrimage;
grant, O most Holy Trinity,
that I may ever be inspired by this faith,
and may carry out this plan with perseverance,
so that, when I have reached the end of my journey upon earth,
I may be able to fix my gaze
upon the blessed splendours of Thy glory.




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