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Prayer to Get a Job you Applied for

Finding a good job is not easy. We all know that.

But, as Christians, we can approach the Throne of our God with confidence, and ask Him for help.

We serve a mighty God that can open doors that no one can shut. He is able to provide new opportunities, and create a way where there seems to be none.


Here’s a powerful prayer for job seekers. Use it as a guide when you want to ask God to bless you with new job opportunities and job breakthroughs.

Here’s a powerful prayer to get a job you applied for.






Oh Lord,

I praise You, for You allow me to come and hide in Your Holy Presence.

Thank You for making me worthy, so I could pray to You.
I am asking You right now to show me Your grace and allow me to get the job I applied for.

You know how difficult it is to get a job.
You know every obstacle I’ve had to overcome.
I know that the victory belongs to You. Help me conquer in life.

Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.





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