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According to Your Riches and Glory - Prayer For Employment and Financial Breakthrough

Sometimes it’s hard to trust God especially when we don’t see any change in our circumstances. We exercise our faith mostly when we go through trials that force us to rely on God. Employment and financial challenges can be some of the most faith-building seasons in our life because God has an opportunity to reveal Himself as a provider, promise-keeper, and Father. Just think about the story of Job. He was wealthy, led a holy lifestyle, and walked in righteousness… The Bible says he was blameless before God. When God allowed the enemy to touch his circumstances pulling his wealth, family and even his health, Job maintained his position before God.

Here is a prayer to condition Your heart to petition The Lord for breakthrough and financial turnaround.





You are not a God of lack, who lives in poverty in need of anything from anyone.
God everything is Yours. All resources belong to You to distribute as You wish.
Father, in my heart I know that You have my best interest at hand.
Help me to walk in step with The Holy Spirit as I wait for this season to shift.
Father, I will not worry while I wait. I repeat, I will not worry while I wait.
I will instead enjoy the spiritual art of contentment with a thankful heart,
Trusting in a Heavenly Father who provides for His children out of His abundance riches.
Thank You Father for Your generosity and making sure I’m well taken care of.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


When we go through trials that weigh on our souls there is typically a holier level of living that God desires for us to reach. The process may not always be fun but it will be worth it. As you are patiently waiting on The Lord to turnaround your financial situation, it’s important to cultivate an active prayer life. Continue to keep a dialogue going with God regarding His purpose and plan for your life. Don’t bury yourself in depression or resign your identity to a position. Instead, let your identity rest in the Almighty God.



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