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A Prayer to Overcome Spiritual Attack

We are fortunate to have a God in heaven who we can turn to in times of praise and in times of need. There are times when you may feel the need to pray for abundance. This prayer for prosperity will lead you to connect with God more fully and increase abundance in your life. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our daily life that we don’t realize how abundant the universe is. We don’t see that the lack of abundance isn’t because it isn’t there but because we can’t see it with our eyes and mind. Instead of focusing on everything you don’t have, you can choose to focus on the abundance around you. The choice is yours. Here is a bold prayer for an abundant life.


There are times when we will feel like we are under spiritual attack, and it can feel like it’s limiting our abundance. There is nothing the devil would love more than to defeat God and separate us from Him. However, the enemy doesn’t have the power to conquer God. If we want to overcome the devil and his empty promises, we must fight those battles with God’s supernatural strength. You don’t have to rely on limited strength. Pray for God to help you overcome spiritual attacks through His miraculous power.




If you are ready to overcome a spiritual attack and see abundant life unfold, pray this prayer:



Dear God, I ask that You protect me against the demonic attacks I am facing right now.
I know that the enemy wants to defeat me and doesn’t want to see me live in abundance,
But I also know that You are stronger than the darkness.
You have the power to break the strongest barrier and reveal abundant life.
I claim victory today and am ready to see my life transformed in a whole new way.


God is ready for you to live an abundant life. He is will to answer the bold prayers you present to Him and release His miraculous power in your life. You must trust that no prayer goes unanswered and that His will for your life is good. When we make our requests known to God, there is nothing God won’t reveal to us.



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