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A Parents’ Prayer for the Safety of their Children

The world is not always a beautiful and happy place. Instead, it is filled with evil, sin, anger and sadness. No matter how hard we may try, we are forced to face the darkness that fills the Earth.

We may see the world as a place to fear and avoid. We are scared to let our children, family and friends go out and experience life without our protection. However, we know this is unrealistic. We know that we cannot control the world, and that we cannot protect our loved ones from everything. We are unable to always protect ourselves.

This is when we must turn to the Lord. We know that God is the ultimate protector. We must surrender our fears to God so that He is able to place His shield over us.

If you are in need of protection, recite this prayers and feel comfort knowing that the Lord is walking by your side.






This world is hostile. And sometimes violence and pain fall on good and innocent people. As parents we see this and the insecurity these threats spark in us are sometimes immobilizing. We cannot insure the safety of our own children. Our reach is too short, and we can never even anticipate all the risks they might face. Often our imaginations run wild. Our fears for our children – and for ourselves seeing our children in danger or pain – can overwhelm us.

God, when we come to the end of our ability to control things we turn to You. We ask for Your protection over our children, over their choices, over the friends they make, over the encounters they have with other adults. God, stand guard.

We do not always understand how Your protection works, and why some who call to You are seemingly not kept safe. Still, we ask for Your presence in the lives of our kids. Who else can we trust, but You? We certainly cannot secure their lives ourselves. And You do promise to guard and protect when we ask.

‘The Lord is my refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.’ This is the promise we claim for our children. Be ever present with them, and keep them from danger and sickness and violence and foolishness and accidents of nature. Send angels to be beside them today. When we can’t trust ourselves, we trust You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



The world can be a dark, scary and frightening place. Each day can be filled with worry and fear for the safety of our family and friends. Asking God for protection during these times will ease your mind and help remind you that the Lord is always walking with you and those you love.
The world isn't always a perfect place, but you can ask God to help protect you, your family and your friends.



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