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Novena To Saint Agnes

Repeat the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

O glorious Saint Agnes,
by the living faith which animated you from your tender years
and rendered you so pleasing to God
that you did merit a martyr's crown:
obtain for us the grace to keep our holy faith pure within us
and to profess ourselves Christians in both word and work.
May our open confession of Jesus before men
cause Him to bear a favorable witness to us
before His eternal Father.



O invincible Martyr, Saint Agnes,
by your confidence in God's help,
when being condemned by the Roman prefect
to see the lily of your purity stained and trampled in the mud,
you did not despair, still trusting firmly in God.
We beseech you by your intercession
to obtain for us from Almighty God
the forgiveness of our sins and sure confidence
that He will bestow upon us life everlasting
and the means necessary to merit it.

O courageous maiden, Saint Agnes most pure,
by the burning love with which your heart was on fire,
and which preserved you from harm
in the midst of the flames of passion
and of the stake with which the enemies of Christ sought to destroy you,
Obtain for us from Almighty God
that every unclean flame may be extinguished in us
and only the fire of Divine Love may burn within us.
So that after spending a blameless life in practice of this virtue
we may be worthy to have a share in the glory
you did merit by the purity of your heart
and your glorious martyrdom.


Saint Agnes, virgin and martyr,
pray for us and for our children.



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