Novena To Our Lady Of Pochaev (July 28 - August 5) - All Powerful Prayers

Novena To Our Lady Of Pochaev (July 28 - August 5)

Repeat the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

Say 3 Our Father...

Say 3 Hail Mary...

Say 3 Glory Be...

Rejoice, O Glory of the universe.
Rejoice, O Temple of the Lord.
Rejoice, O Mountain overshadowed by the Holy Ghost.
Rejoice, O Refuge of all.
Rejoice, O Golden Candelabrum.
Rejoice, O Honorable Glory of all Christians.
Rejoice, O Mary, Mother of Christ God.
Rejoice, O Paradise.
Rejoice, O Divine Altar.
Rejoice, O Cloud.
Rejoice, O Golden Urn.
Rejoice, O Hope of All.



All Holy, most blessed and glorious Mary,
Mother of God and our Mother!
We come to you today.
We turn ourselves to you and petition you.
Hear us! We believe and acknowledge
that you are the wondrous Guardian
of all persecuted and unfortunate.
That is why we place our hope in you.
More than once have you showed us your kindness.
Please show us once again.

Open the most sweetest Heart of your Son and our God.
Intercede for forgiveness of our sins.
Help us in spiritual and material needs, and,
for the families who so graciously welcome your icon,
give them your graces.

Mother most good, cover our Church
and our Ukrainian people with your mantle.
Help our brothers in Ukraine in their suffering.
Give them strength in their fight
with their atheist enemies,
be consoling and unfailingly firm
in their harassment and shield them in their misery.

Be for them and us an all-merciful guardian
and let us praise you openly and freely
together with them, Oh Virgin, among all virgins,
and your Son, our God, Jesus.
Let there be glory, honor and adoration
now, always, and forever.


Our Lady of Pochaev,
Pray for us.



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