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Novena For Adoptive Mothers (Anytime)

Repeat the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

All loving and merciful Father,
by your abiding presence and abundant grace
you know our every need.

Bless all women who have adopted a child.

They have so valued your gift of life
that they have welcomed a child into their home,
and opened their hearts and their lives.

Help them to know your loving Providence,
and guide them in their journey of motherhood.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.




Petition to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary,
you witnessed first-hand
the joy of her motherhood.

Be attentive to the need of these women
who long to welcome a child through adoption.

Give encouragement to all adoptive mothers, that,
with the support of their husbands,
they might know the joy that comes from a lifetime
of serving as mother, nurturer, and friend.

Intercede for them before the Father, we ask you.

Saint Joseph, spouse of the Mother of God,
pray for us.


Say 1 Our Father...

Say 1 Hail Mary...

Say 1 Glory Be...



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