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Prayer To Saint Alphonsus Liguori # 3 (For Arthritis)

Saint Alphonsus,
you are the special patron
of all who suffer from arthritis
and the pains of many years.
When our fingers twist with pain,
keep us focused on the hands of Christ
pierced with nails.
When our knees throb with endless aches,
allow us to see the knees of Jesus
smashing to the street under the heavy cross.
When our backs stiffen with soreness,
let us remember the back of Christ
thrown across the rough wood of the cross.
When our hips, elbows, knuckles, and other joints
hurt so much that tears well up in our eyes,
help us to recall the tears,
the sweat, and the blood
that flowed from our crucified Jesus,
who suffered so much more for each of us.



Saint Alphonsus,
you were afflicted with curvature of the spine
and confined to a wheelchair in your final years.
Teach us to unite all our pains
with the sufferings of Jesus.
By your intercession,
may our pain be eased — but even more,
may we be one with Jesus in his death
and resurrection for the redemption of the world.




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