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Prayer For Priests (By Pope John-Paul II)

Jesus, Good Shepherd,
raise up in all parish communities,
priest and deacons, religious,
consecrated lay people and missionaries
according to the needs of the whole world,
which You love and want to save.

We entrust to You in a particular way
our parish community;
create in it the spiritual atmosphere
of the first Christians
in order that it may be a cenacle of prayer
where we lovingly receive the Holy Spirit
and His gifts.



Assist our pastors and all consecrated souls.
Guide the steps
of those who have generously welcomed Your call
and prepared themselves for Holy Orders
or the Profession of the Evangelical Counsels.

Direct Your loving gaze
to the many well-disposed young people
and invite them to follow You.
Help them to understand
that only in You they can achieve their fulfillment.

We entrust these great desires of Your Heart
to the powerful intercession of Mary,
Mother and model of all vocations,
and beg You to sustain our faith
in the certainty that the Father will listen
to what You Yourself have instructed us to ask for.




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