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The Prayer, Thank God

I adore You, O my God,
I praise You and give You thanks
for all the good things You have done
for angels and men and for myself in particular.
You have always loved me.
You have created me according to Your own image and likeness.
Your Divine Son died on the cross for me.
You have been so kind as to save me from dangers
of both body and soul through the activity of my Guardian Angel,
who is watching over me right now.
Many, many times You have allowed me to share in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,
to have my sins forgiven,
and to be fed in Holy Communion with the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ Himself.



Thank You, also, for the priceless gifts of my baptism and confirmation,
and the graces You have given
and continue to give me through these sacraments.
(If you are married, include the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.)
Thank You also, good, generous God,
for my life and work so close to You in the open air,
where I can so readily watch You
and the marvels of Your world working together for the good of mankind.
Thank You for all the good things of earth,
which You have given me,
so much more than to many other people, here, in my life on the land.
But besides this, You have made ready for me a place in heaven,
where, if I serve You as I should on earth,
I shall see You, love You, praise You forever
in the greatest joy along with all Your angels and saints.
How shall I thank You for countless good things,
so many of which, including my health, my family,
my possessions, my physical faculties,
I have not even mentioned?
I offer You with all my love,
all the praise of the Church on earth and in heaven,
the love that burns in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
and the merits of Jesus, Your Divine Son.



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